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    Wow, Huawei Interested in Working on Smartwatch with Sophisticated Features Like This …

    Huawei is one of many companies that also work on wearable device market.

    With regard to wearable devices, it was recently rumored that Huawei has plans to work on smartwatch with a revolutionary bezel design, which is very thin (ultra-thin), and presents a variety of enhancements to the features and menus in it.

    Huawei has filed a patent application to WIPO to patent a clothing device that falls into the category of smart watch devices and one of the most interesting descriptions is that this smartwatch is controlled by its sensitive bezel.

    This patent is also quite clear and details elaborate in the picture. According to its patents, Huawei will have four touch sensitive zones on the smartwatch bezel. This zone is not only touch sensitive, but also sensitive to certain styles.

    In addition to the bezel, there will be a touch sensitive zone on the band section. Users will be able to swipe the band (strap clock) with up and down movements to scroll the screen, and touch the bezels to click.

    In fact there are several touch zones that can be touched at once to zoom in or out the screen (pitch and zooming screen). The bezel part can also rotate left or right and so on. The implementation is somewhat unique because even Samsung has not implemented such features in its flagship smartwatch ie Samsung Gear S3, is not it?

    If Huawei’s smartwatch is indeed a reality and mass produced, then it is clear that this Huawei smartwatch will be a very interesting product. So, we just wait.

    Source: GizChina


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