Wow! AI Technology Can Be Used to Break the Captcha Code?

Computer scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system (Artificial Intelligence -AI) which is an improvement over previous techniques that can be exploited to decode CAPTCHA. As is known, this code sends a request to the user to confirm whether they are true to a human or bot by displaying a series of symbols, numbers and letters in the form of images. For security experts, this means that existing CAPTCHA-based systems may soon expire in the near future.

AI developers for years have tried to break into the CAPTCHA, but unfortunately the system designed to do so encountered a lot of challenges in the field. The CAPTCHA challenge test that features mixed characters in very messy fonts and configurations is very difficult to break even though it is so easy to solve by humans. The human brain is very adaptable, allowing anyone to solve it. This is not the case with AI because the developed narrow system does not allow it to think outside the box.

That is why Dileep George, one of the founders of the Vicariate, has immersed the insights of neuroscience that will be used to “train” a computer to generalize beyond the general pattern taught so far. The new system, called the Recursive Cortical Network (RCN), appears to be able to break down the CAPTCHA test more effectively than the previous model, which is enough by applying a bit of training. This means that the response response system can now be solved with greater efficiency, so the site is more vulnerable to bots. The new research was later published in Science magazine.

There are many systems to break into the challenges CAPTCHA currently developed has been circulating in cyberspace, but RCN proved to be one very adaptable system. He even claimed to be able to solve reCAPTCHAs and BotDetect with an accuracy level of up to two thirds of the experiment. This system is even able to solve correctly CAPTCHA code developed by Yahoo and PayPal with accuracy up to as high as 57%. Although not yet fully accurate, but this is a move that is quite large.

Marc Goodman, author of the book Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It told Gizmodo, “CAPTCHA is actually a coding system that relies on better human vision than computer vision. Unfortunately, it’s changing rapidly and computer vision technology has now improved – and will soon be better than human eyes. When that happens, all the authentication systems associated with the image will be threatened because the artificial intelligence-based vision system will be able to easily solve puzzles as the human brain can. “

For some sites, this means the CAPTCHA-based security system will become obsolete. One solution is to make the CAPTCHA more visually difficult, but that will make it more difficult for humans, who will start to feel frustrated, and gradually find themselves unable to get through the majority of CAPTCHAs. Another option is to design other authentication systems such as biometrics that are currently popular.


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