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    Use the Nuclear Facility for Bitcoin, this Russian Scientist Caught in a Legal Case

    A number of Russian scientists working for the country’s secret nuclear facility have been arrested by authorities due to bitcoin. The allegations addressed to the scientists are very serious.

    As reported by BBC News and AFP, this incident occurred at the Federal nuclear development center located in a closed city called Sarov. The city itself was founded during the former Soviet Union as a major center of nuclear weapons development. Named as the most mysterious region, the location of the city of Sarov is not even included in the map of the Russian state.

    One spokesman for Russia’s nuclear facilities, Tatiana Zalesskaya, told Interfax news agency that a number of researchers working in her place had been detained after trying to use state facilities for personal gain. They are accused of trying to use office equipment for bitcoin mining.

    The unlawful action was fortunately successfully prevented by security personnel before the researchers managed to launch the action. Still according to Zalesskaya, criminal investigation has been opened by the authorities to reveal the incident.

    Reports have even suggested that the researchers have attempted to link the supercomputer of the Russian nuclear laboratory to an internet network to be used to mine bitcoins.

    Yet another report doubted that the scientists’ operational targets are supercomputers belonging to the country’s nuclear facilities. For reasons of state secrets security, the allegedly utilized computer is in fact indeed in an isolated position from the internet network. Any attempt to connect computers in connection with the Internet network will automatically lead to a security warning that will immediately make the officers in the nuclear facility environment to take precautions.

    Still according to the same spokesman, any similar action in the future will certainly get the same crackdown. Such activities will not be tolerated in the future and anyone involved will be subject to legal charges.

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