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    Use the Microscope Lens System, Apple Develops a Lightweight VR Headset

    Apple has been showing interest in AR and VR technologies since the last few years. Not a figment if Apple then work on the technology-based hardware. As the latest news that says that Apple is currently working on a VR headset with a smaller size and lighter when compared to VR devices on the market.

    To prepare for this, Apple then filed a patent for a device that appears to have a much lighter weight than any other Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) headset introduced by Microsoft and Oculus VR Facebook.

    According to information from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent page, Apple has designed a head-mounted display on a VR or AR device that will dramatically cut the size and make it lighter.

    The patent entitled “Optical System for Head-mounted Display” illustrates a multi-lens configuration that can significantly impact the weight and size of existing VR devices.

    The technology they develop in these devices can help reduce the weariness felt by users when used over the long term. Thus users can use Apple’s VR / AR device for a longer period of time.

    Apple will use the system “Catadioptric” which became the basis of optical telescopes, microscopes and telephoto lens that will be applied to the hardware VR / AR garapannya it. Using the same system, Apple will “remove” the magnifying lens used on a standard VR headset to display a large enough image.

    The use of this Catadioptric system can clearly reduce the weight and dimensions of the product and help Apple to realize the design of a much smaller and simple VR / AR device.

    Source: HindustanTimes


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