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Wow, Huawei Interested in Working on Smartwatch with Sophisticated Features Like This …

Huawei is one of many companies that also work on wearable device market. With regard to wearable devices, it was recently rumored that Huawei has plans to work on smartwatch with a revolutionary bezel design, which is very thin (ultra-thin), and presents a variety of enhancements to the features and menus in it. Huawei has […]

Analyst: iPhone X Sold 6 Million On Black Friday, Wow!

Black Friday, massive discount moment held every year always suck the consumer’s interest to shop. Not just untuuk online sales, some offline stores also held a discount party. But, if you are curious, how the hell the iPhone X sales figures in that moment? Is the expensive price still hunted by fans? According to analyst […]

Wow, Xiaomi Mi A1 Receive New System Update

Xiaomi’s Android One Smartphone, Mi A1 as reported by GSMArena has started receiving system updates. Based on a screenshot distributed by one of the XDA forum members, this present update will come across devices with a file size of 465MB. However, there are reports that this update will carry more than 1GB. Unfortunately the update […]

Wow, It’s The First Flip Phone With Titanium Bodies

The phone with the flip design seems to have not really lost, Samsung is one of the big manufacturers that still design the flip design. About a month ago, the Korean company announced SM-G9298, a flip phone with dual screen and SoC Snapdragon 820. The specification is quite high end for the flip phone segment. […]

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