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Google silently stop selling Pixel C Tablet, Why?

Google is rumored to have quietly stopped selling popular Google Pixel C tablets through its official online store. Google’s move is certainly raises a big question mark in the minds of consumers, why Google should stop selling the popular tablet. One of the main causes of Google to stop selling Pixel C tablets is because […]

Adidas Stop Make Fitness Tracker, Why?

The excitement of competition in the market of clothing devices in fact actually made the famous sports equipment manufacturers from Germany withdrew. As quoted by The Verge quoted the news from the Portland Business Journal, a move that is quite surprising is taken by the company by closing their hardware division. Adidas apparently intends to […]

FaceID Only Supports One Face, Why?

During this fingerprint scan as one way of authenticating smart devices, it can store about 5 fingerprints in which each of these fingerprints can be owned by different people. Sure, some people will think this can be easier if the device is used by many people aka multi-user. By slowly leaving TouchID, Apple’s focus today […]

If Damaged Android Founder Smartphone Can not Be Fixed, Why?

After many delays, Essential Phone finally started shipping. If so far you already intend to buy it, you should think carefully first. Nothing, it was Essential Phone is a smartphone that will not be repaired if damaged. It is iFixit who reveals the surprising fact, through a series of thorough testing of the Essential smartphone. […]

Huawei Silently Delete All EMUI Images from Its Site, Why?

Huawei on (4/9) has secretly decided to remove all EMUI images for smartphones from its official website. Usually, Huawei smartphone owners can download and capture ROM images from special websites, which is especially useful when new versions of EMUI will be uploaded by Chinese-based electronics and smartphone companies Now, when you visit the Huawei website […]

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