Siri Lost from Alexa and Google Assistant?

When Siri debuted on the iPhone 4s on October 14, 2011 ago, Apple began to instill great expectations to its flagship virtual assistant. Apple regularly keeps improving and improving Siri within seven years of its journey. It is considered a must for Apple to keep Siri able to compete in the virtual assistant business against Alexa and Google Assistant which has been regarded as the top two virtual assistants that exist today.

But a statement submitted by founder Siri (CO Founder) named Norman Winarsky said that the most ironic problem is that Apple is too “fussy” and asks Siri too much. Though Siri has not been too ready for the complexity of such services.

According to Winarsky, before Apple bought Siri on April 8, 2010, Apple’s plan is to use the virtual assistant as a travel and entertainment companion. For example, Siri will help Apple device users to know the various information about the canceled flight when you arrive at the airport, a variety of accommodation, hotel information, and find the easiest way to get you to your destination.

Siri was indeed quite reliable and smart in carrying out its duties, but Apple continues to expand the ability of Siri since then.

Apple has a different idea about Siri. Siri is currently designed to help iOS users to be able to handle in all aspects of the user’s “life”. Either help users set alarms and timers, collect the latest weather reports or answer any petty questions you ask about a location. Norman Winarsky rate this is too much.

“This is a tough problem and when you are a company that deals with a billion people, which is where the problems are going to get complicated and difficult, Apple may be trying hard to find a level of excellence that they can not yet get. Says Norman Winarsky.

While Siri is still struggling to improve, Google Assistant and Alexa seem to have no significant obstacles in handling complex and wider tasks than Siri can do.

Source: Quartz via BGR via PhoneArena


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