Sad! Start of February Later, Pokemon Go Can not Go on iPhone Older

If you are one of the lovers of Pokémon Go, it seems like you should be prepared to be disappointed when you hear this news. The reason is that Niantic recently announced via its official website that the Pokémon Go developers will no longer support the legacy iPhone that can not be updated to iOS 11. This means that any iPhone launched before 2013, including iPhone 5 and 5C, will not be able to run the Pokémon Go again.

Pokémon Go is undeniably one of Niantic’s flagship games that has gained high popularity thanks to the combination of AR technology and the exciting gameplay it presents. This game has even turned into a phenomenon that is played by millions of people around the world.

Niantic itself continuously continues to bring a number of improvements and updates including adding dynamic roleplay, the addition of new generation Pokémon monster, and new AR + mode for iPhone 6s and other newer generation iPhone series.

So it makes sense for Niantic to stop support for older devices to ensure the players get the optimal experience while playing. But so far there has been no word on whether Niantic also plans to also turn off Pokemon Go support on older smartphones with the old Android OS.

Termination of Pokemon Go support for iPhone running older version of iOS will reportedly take effect on February 28, 2018.

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