Revealed, Low Pre-Order Galaxy S9 and S9 +

Quite attention when it was first revealed in the event MWC 2018 ago, it turns out the initial step Galaxy S9 in the market indicated not as precious as the predecessor, Galaxy S8.

As the latest flagship device, Galaxy S9 is packed with the latest processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, even become the first Android device that bear it. It’s just reported that the Galaxy S9 much criticized because in addition to better chips, it turns out some other specifications were not different from the Galaxy S8 series.

Accordingly, based on unconfirmed initial reports, pre-order Galaxy S9 in South Korea held 28 February, indicated lower than the Galaxy S8 series.

Well, back based on the confirmed information from South Korea shows that the Galaxy S9 started badly.

The number of pre-orders Galaxy S9 on its first day, was 30% lower than the Galaxy S8 series. Precisely, on the first day, Galaxy S9 only able to record the number of pre-orders 180 thousand, well below the Galaxy S8 where on the first day, pre-order number of this smartphone reached 260 thousand.

In addition, from other data also shows things that are not much different. for example, indicates that the pre-order number of the Galaxy S9 series is quite sad. For selurh version, pre-order number Galaxy S9 recorded only touch 4000. Galaxy S9 + Mystery Night Black Edition is quite dominate with pre-order number 1650 in JD.

Performance Galaxy S9 also estimated will not semoncer predecessor. Based on industry estimates, Galaxy S9 sales are estimated to be around 70% to 80% of Galaxy S8 sales.

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