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    Results Ants Test Snapdragon 845 Beat the iPhone 8, Here’s the proof!

    This year’s smartphone with the strongest chipset made by Qualcomm will be widely circulated. The latest Snapdragon 845 chipset is known to be subject to flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and several other brands.

    Well, for the curious how powerful the performance of this Snapdragon 845, the test results for 5G Day Qualcomm in San Diego HQ, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Snapdragon 845 performance was measured with some benchmark software. Here is the result;

    Snapdragon 845 Geekbench 4 single-threaded: 2,450 points

    Snapdragon 845 Geekbench 4 multi-threaded: 8,409 points

    3DMark Slingshot 3.1: 4,400 points

    3DMark Slingshot 3.0: 5.993 points

    3DMark Slingshot limited 3.1: 4,895 points

    3DMark Slingshot unlimited 3.0: 6,114 points

    3DMark Icestorm unlimited: 61.261 points

    GFXBench Car Chase Offscreen. ES 3.1 1080: 35 FPS

    GFXBench Manhattan Offscreen. ES 3.1 1080: 61 FPS

    GFXBench Manhattan Offscreen. 1080: 83 FPS

    GFXBench T-Rex 1080 Offscreen: 151 FPS

    Kraken: 2,445,5 ms

    JetStream: 85803

    Antutu: 267,233 points

    The above results show Snapdragon 845 easily becoming a differentiator with an existing Android phone. This is not surprising because Qualcomm has also become king for high end chipset category in 2017. This performance is in line with Qualcomm’s claims that CPU performance increases around ~ 25% and graphics performance to get ~ 30% improvement.

    Sumber: Ubergizmo

    Actually the acquisition of benchmarking numbers can be even better because the benchmark test app currently does not take into account other more specific computing units. For example, the CPU benchmarks do not actually use vector instructions that CPUcore Kyro 385 can perform. Also, DSP (digital signal processors) that can be used for AI or other logic intensive tasks are not accommodated in benchmarks.
    sumber: Ubergizmo
    One of the more interesting points of Snapdragon 845 is the higher power efficiency. Snapdragon 845 can perform most of the same task while using less power.
    sumber: Ubergizmo
    SUmber: Ubergizmo
    After a tremendous year in 2017, it looks like Qualcomm will start 2018 by introducing the most powerful Android SoC, which will also be targeting Windows systems.

    Source: Ubergizmo


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