Post-Software Update, Google Pixel Is Affected In This Issue

Ideally, software updates aim to address bugs, bring new features, provide security patches or affect the performance of the device to be smoother and smoother.

However, an unfortunate newsletters mention that some Google Pixel users who do software updates, just have problems on their devices. Especially with regard to overheating (hot fast battery).

Since its inception launched last year, Google Pixel smartphone does have many problems and reap a variety of complaints from its users. There are a series of complaints that include problems with the OLED panel, on voice recording in the messaging app, an inactive 3.5 mm head-head USB adapter, an unresponsive edge of the screen and a faint buzzing sound when making a phone call.

Sure, most of these issues have been handled well by Google. It’s just that some of them are still pending and it seems Google is still looking for a formulation to address many of these bugs.

The beginning of this news began to be heard about a week ago, when Gizchina reported that Google has launched a software update in the form of the latest security patch for Pixel. This security patch will bring various improvements in the photography sector. But unfortunately, this software update is in fact also accompanied by some serious problems that are serious enough.

Recent complaints at Reddit and the Google Forum say that Pixel smartphones are overheated (even with normal usage) and battery power will drain pretty quickly after getting the software update.

This issue does not appear to override all Google Pixel units, as some users also report that they are not facing this overheating issue.

However, a number of Pixel users have reported this problem to Google and some have even confirmed that this overheating problem is beginning to appear after the software update. Even this issue arises when the device is in safe mode so this may not be related to third-party apps.

Until this news is revealed, Google has not provided any information or confirmation regarding the issue that affected some of the Pixel devices. In addition, Google also has not provided information when they will roll out the latest software update to solve the problem.

Source: GizChina

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