Is This The Look Of The Cheapest Android Go Phone Nokia 1?

A recent rumor circulating online revealed some details about the Nokia 1, which is an Android One smartphone that will soon slide in the near future. This smartphone is said to be Nokia’s most affordable Android phone claimed. The selling price of this device is expected to be in the price range between USD $ 80 or USD $ 95 (Rp.1.1 million – Rp 1.3 million).

Two leaked images on the internet show off the rear design of the phone. As a mobile phone with populist prices, Nokia 1 reportedly will run the Android Go platform which is a lightweight version of the Android operating system designed specifically for mobile phones with lower class specifications. The Nokia 2 is positioned on it is predicted to run full Android OS.

Foto: GSMArena

As seen, Nokia 1 will use a design similar to Nokia 2 including a 720p IPS LCD display landscape and 1GB RAM capacity and 8GB of internal storage. This device is likely to appear with a metal frame wrapped in polycarbonate plastic material.

This device according to rumors will be launched at the MWC 2018 event held in Barcelona in late February. While starting in March 2018, it will soon be sold widely to the market.

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