Facebook Will Make Mobile Phone Special Video Call?

Not complacent with its success as the largest social network in the world with the number of massive users, now Facebook is rumored to be starting to try his luck to the hardware business. The birth of the Portal is a Facebook move that will mark its business in the hardware business, after successfully developing Oculus which is a VR device.

According to a recent update, the social media giant is currently looking to release a device that will allow users to video chat with fellow Facebook users.

Portals reportedly will not be positioned as a competitor Amazon Echo, but will be a phone that is more mengincar users who love video casting through social media they have.

Portal will be equipped with a wide-angle lens that can recognize facial inpidu and connect it with their respective Facebook account. The portal will also get additional support for popular music streaming platforms and movies like Spotify and Netflix.

Previously, Facebook just signed a license agreement with Universal Music Group and Sony / ATV. It is not surprising that these two giant record labels will be the music content providers.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the birth of Portal is expected to encourage the social media giant’s efforts to smooth out his new vision as revealed in June. On the occasion, Mark said that he wants Facebook could be a means that will encourage the entire population of the world to get closer and get to know each other.

The plan, Portal will be announced in the annual Facebook F8 developer conference held in May 2018. And Portal will begin shipping in the second half of 2018.

Portal reportedly will be sold with official label USD 499 (Rp.6, 7 millions). Expensive expensive when compared to Echo Show pegged USD 230 (Rp.3 million) or Lenovo Smart Display is marketed USD $ 199 (equivalent to Rp 2.7 million).

however, other rumors suggest that Facebook is likely to trim Portal prices in order to increase consumer enthusiasm in purchasing this product. Unfortunately until now the design picture of this phone is still not available.

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