Want a Safe? This List of Google Certified Android Smartphones

Android smartphones in circulation do not all have the same software support. This is because Android sfat is fragmented, so between one manufacturer and another producer can be very different. Indeed, some manufacturers promise major updates for up to two years, but for timely security updates is still rare. This tends to worry about companies […]

Here’s How Google Abandons Bad Applications

The ease to make the application is like a sword eye. One side can offer positive things and ease, on the other hand can have adverse impact. One of the bad effects that arise is the number of fake applications, plagiarism applications, to malware-carrying applications. From statistics Google has blocked over 700,000 troublesome Android apps […]

How to Enable Parental Control in the Google Play Store

The widespread use of mobile phones among children and adolescents seems to increase the concerns of many people about the negative impact it brings. There are so many parents’ concerns about the spread of pornographic material on the internet. Game addiction now also often makes children lazy to learn that can disrupt their achievements in […]

Tips to Generate Attractive Photos from Android Smartphones

Cameras are available on different smartphones, not a few photographic tools on Android phones are less than the maximum when capturing the moment. As a result you are so embarrassed to share photos on social media. To get the perfect photo, it’s good to have a basic understanding of some of the principles of photography […]

Here’s How to Make Emoji Mobile on Apple iPhone X

Last September Apple has announced its flagship device iPhone X. This phone is special because it is specially produced for the tenth anniversary of Apple. It is said special, because the iPhone X is present without the home button and has a face recognition technology or face ID. In addition, iPhone X also has features […]

How To Easily Be Creative With PhotoCollage

Results photos using mobile phones can now be processed directly. Various photo-processing apps are available on Google Play. But for you Asus Zenfone phone users available the default photo processing available, one of which is PhotoCollage. PhotoCollage contained in ZenUI 4.0 provides some enhanced features compared to previous versions. Here are a few tips to […]

If Damaged Android Founder Smartphone Can not Be Fixed, Why?

After many delays, Essential Phone finally started shipping. If so far you already intend to buy it, you should think carefully first. Nothing, it was Essential Phone is a smartphone that will not be repaired if damaged. It is iFixit who reveals the surprising fact, through a series of thorough testing of the Essential smartphone. […]

Check Here! Any iPhone Damage Guaranteed and Unsecured

So far not many consumers know about how Apple’s device repair policy is run, including how it determines things including warranty and other services. A leak from the “Visual / Mechanical Inspection Guide” or “Visual Inspection / Mechanical Guide” distributed by Business Insider provides some insight into how Apple’s repair policy is run. Specifically that […]

Research Reveals Risks of Data Sharing via Digital Devices

For those of you who often share data through owned devices, this latest report from Kaspersky Lab seems worth to be listened to. Through a report titled My Precious Data: Stranger Danger, Kaspersky Lab reveals the habits of data sharing as well as users who like to share their data and devices, resulting in their […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Nokia 8!

Announced by HMD Global early last August, Nokia 8 is an Android OS-based phone with premium profiles and specifications that are targeting high-end markets. Reportedly, HMD Global will distribute and start selling this smartphone in September 2017. Many predict, that the flagship smartphone of HMD Global will successfully gain high popularity in the global market. […]

Take notes! 6 Things To Be Considered Mobile Banking Users

Mobile banking is a perfect financial management tool for those who are very busy. No doubt the use of mobile banking is currently increasing in major cities around the world. Based on research from Mastercard Mobile Shopping Survey 2017, 25% of respondents in Indonesia revealed that they have used mobile banking application to make payment. […]

Thanks to This Feature, Update Android OS 8.0 Not Need Big Memory

One of the obstacles when you want to update or update the operating system that usually contains a large enough file is the lack of memory capacity in your phone. But the good news is that does not apply when you update Android 8.0. As reported by Arstechnica, according to the latest source.android.com documentation, Google […]