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Glide June, It’s Leaked Images Xbox Elite 2 Controller

Although the competition in the gaming business is not easy, and has a very tough competitors, but Microsoft was not visibly dither with Xbox gaming device garapannya. Still believing in the popularity of its flagship XBox, the US-based company is reportedly preparing to launch its newest game controller accessory dubbed Xbox Elite 2 Controller. The […]

Busy Search Partner at CES 2018, Three Technology Gigs Ready to Release Headset AR?

In addition to Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) technology is in fact becoming a trend developed in various smart devices. One of the popular ones is Google Glass. Although Google Glass is successful as a major consumer product developing AR technology, many technology analysts and top executives believe that smart eyewear technology-based glasses will […]

SanDisk Releases 1TB Flashdisk, Like What?

SanDisk showcased two new generation flash disks at CES event in 2018. Supported by USB Type-C connectivity, this flash disk is said to be the smallest in the world that carries a capacity of 1TB. Not much related information is provided around this device. Meanwhile, in the same occasion, SanDisk also showcased Ultra Fit USB […]

Like Mobile Phone, Sprint Artificial Credit Card Equipped Battery, Screen and Modem

Apparently, all devices will be provided with the Internet credit card is no exception. Sprint has just introduced a new intelligent programmable card that can have more functionality, because it looks like a regular credit card, but has a modem chip, a self-charged battery, and even a screen! This CES event has been the most […]

Eh, There’s AMD Graphics Chip on Intel Processors

AMD and Intel are rivals in the PC and Laptop chip industry. But this time the company seems to be getting along. Yes, Intel and AMD announced their partnership at CES 2018 which was officially opened today. The shocking news in the manufacturing industry came out last November, when two long-standing competitors in the chip […]

Samsung Gear S4 Will Be Inaugurated A Fluff Of Features, What’s Up?

Samsung Gear is rumored to soon have its next generation. It seems Samsung wants to improve the quality of its smartwatch line-up, which means the South Korean technology company is not planning to surrender in the smartwatch business. Some time ago revealed a new patent leak proposed by Samsung that revealed some interesting features that […]

This Technology Will Be Most Important After the Internet in 2018

Machine learning or machine learning will be the decisive technology in 2018, which will change the way we live and work, bigger than any technology after the internet. To understand why, we need to get rid of references to how robots steal human jobs. The innovation and use of tools to make life easier is […]

Circulated List of Smartphones to Use Snapdragon 845

Snapdragn 845 is the latest SoC made by Qualcomm which was introduced not long ago. However, devices that will use it will be present in 2018. Well, if you include a curious device that will use this chipset can peek leaks posted to Weibo. In the leak was revealed starting the first device that carries […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + Stay Use 3.5mm Audio Jack?

Ever since Apple shifted the use of 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7, more and more world smartphone vendors who participate “obliterate” support 3.5 mm audio jack on mobile phone garapannya. HTC, Razer and Essential Phone are some of them. However, several other major players such as LG and Samsung have in fact decided […]

Wow! Qualcomm Ready to Create Snapdragon 670 Chip

Qualcomm reportedly is currently doing a series of testing the latest generation of middle-class processors that, according to rumors will be called Snapdragon 670. Snapdragon latest generation will bring significant improvement compared to its predecessor generation Snapdragon 660. Based on the leak that comes from the cultivation of gadget experts named Roland Quandt, Snapdragon 670 […]

Lenovo Prepare New VR Headset, Like What?

Since some time ago, Lenovo is reportedly being focused on cultivating virtual reality headset (VR- Virtual Reality). The Chinese company will introduce it for the first time in the first half of 2018. According to the latest information, VR Lenovo headset will be launched next year with the name “Mirage Solo with Daydream”. Rumors about […]

Samsung Starts Production of Latest Generation RAM

Samsung has for many years built an unforgettable legacy in the manufacture of chipsets, components and DRAM memory. Latest news on Wednesday (12/20) yesterday, revealed that the company has officially announced the commencement of industrial mass production of the first 10nm DRAM memory of the 2nd generation of 8GB DDR4 DRAM. This latest generation DRAM […]


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