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Invitation Screen, Sony Full Screen Phone Ready to land in February?

Coinciding with the third day of Mobile World Congress 2018, Sony seems to be planning to announce new products to the media. Through the invitation of the press that is sent, the country’s cyber technology giant is preparing to release innovative products on February 26 next. A number of rumors that blew mentioned that Sony […]

Did You Know What Is Augmented Reality?

Make you crazy about games. One of the most popular games is a game that allows you to do a game between the virtual world and the real world that incorporates GPS navigation technology. Games that fall into the category of ‘augmented reality’ is actually not a new type of game. Create Android and iPhone […]

Samsung Smartphone Will Use New Metal Cases, Like What?

Samsung has just filed a trademark patent to the EU Intellectual Property Office for Metal 12. It is a metal material derived from a very light weight magnesium mix developed by the vendor. This material has previously been used on Notebook 9 laptop casing that just glide. Registration of the trademark as if giving semcam […]

Nokia Sleep, Unique Mattress Accessory with Sophisticated Features

Through the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, Nokia added new accessories to its portfolio list. Not smartband or smartwatch, this time they offer is a sleep mattress accessory! Not ordinary accessories of course, the article he will be equipped with advanced features that can track the sleep quality (sleep tracker) of its users. Accessories called […]

Mimics iPhone X, Xiaomi Will Use MIUI X Name?

MIUI is a software developed by Xiaomi for its home-based devices based on the Android operating system. Its unique interface combines interface advantages from other technology giants like Apple and Samsung each with iOS and TouchWiz. Since its inaugural release with the MIUI V1 version around 2010, Xiaomi regularly keeps releasing updates until it reaches […]

Unique! This Keyboard is the size of a desk, how to use it?

Razer, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic devices and gaming devices, at the CES event, which lasts from 7-12 January, introduces an unusual, mechanical keyboard device that is as big as a dining table. There is a kind of revival period in the manufacture of mechanical keyboards recently. Not a few people believe that the […]

Fan Smartphone ‘Samsung Galaxy X’ Will Start Producing This Year

illustration Not only used as a show-off, in fact not a few announcements and important timeline delivered by some technology vendors in the event CES 2018 ago. As did this South Korean technology company. Yup, at CES 2018 Samsung showcased smartphone screen design can be folded in a press conference session. At the event, Samsung […]

Ouch! Buy a phone on OnePlus Authorized Page, User Complained Credit Card Broken

illustration If there’s a reason to buy something from the official page because you tend to assume that they are safer, and hope they will be more accountable to their customers to ensure that the data is not stolen, it is not entirely true. As well as OnePlus customers who reported reports that some of […]

Sony Prepared to Work Smartphone Sailing OLED First, This is the proof

Almost a year ago, it was rumored that Sony Mobile plans to launch its new flagship Xperia flagship in early 2018. Xperia Smartphone will be equipped with OLED screen. But so far the news is still considered a mere rumor. Because of the Sony itself is still silent about whether or not the rumor. A […]

Google Kick 60 Games from Play Store Due to Malware

Google has removed 60 apps and games from the Google Play Store following a report from a security firm Checkpoint that revealed that the app has malware featuring pornographic pop-up ads inside the game. The annoying part of this story is that most of the games infected by this malware are aimed at children. This […]

In Germany, Murder Cases Revealed Due to Data in iPhone Health Applications

To note, now our mobile phones keep track of many things we do, such as locations, things we browse on the internet, and even certain health-related metrics, such as the calories we burn, how many steps have been taken. Well, interestingly, these data can be used as evidence in the investigation of rape and murder […]

Back Postponed! New Samsung Galaxy X to be Produced November This year

A recent news related to Samsung’s sailing smartphone named Galaxy X finally unfold. Samsung Galaxy X is busy discussed since several years later apparently continue to experience delays for various reasons. Back molor, Samsung even reportedly will mass produce the device in November 2018! Then what causes Samsung repeatedly delay the launch of Galaxy X? […]


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