This year, Dragon Ball Legends Game will greet Android and iOS users

After a successful launch for PC and console on Ja uari then Bandai Namco will introduce the Dragon Ball game for Android and iOS platform. Dragon Ball Legends has been announced during a Google presentation at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco. Just like PC games and consoles, Dragon Ball Legends divide the […]

Google Rename Android Wear, So What?

A few days ago had circulated rumors that Google will change the name of Android Wear to Wear OS. The news that blew harder finally confirmed by Google on Thursday (3/15) yesterday through a statement posted on Google blog article. “Along with technological developments and progressing partnerships, so will our service users.In 2017, one of […]

Facebook is rumored to be Adopting Augmented Reality

Facebook in the near future will add augmented reality effects to all its users. The effect will depict all the objects that exist in the real world, such as roads, hills … and movie posters! In a very short 12-second demo video uploaded to a YouTube channel, it’s currently in closed beta. Predicted he will […]

These 10 Things You May Not Know About Messenger

Messenger is one of the popular applications used in the world. You are also one of its loyal users. Although the Messenger app is popular, but not many know that there are many features available in addition to short messaging services to make your life easier and fun! Some things you can do in Messenger […]

Siri Lost from Alexa and Google Assistant?

When Siri debuted on the iPhone 4s on October 14, 2011 ago, Apple began to instill great expectations to its flagship virtual assistant. Apple regularly keeps improving and improving Siri within seven years of its journey. It is considered a must for Apple to keep Siri able to compete in the virtual assistant business against […]

Fun! Now Can Video Chat on Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook today (8/3) introduces video chat in Messenger Lite. Video chat is an important part of everyday communication in this era of short messages. Video chat is popularly used by Messenger app users – in 2017, there are about 17 million video chat in Messenger, and this number has doubled when compared to the number […]

Instagram Will Have Bokeh Feature

One of the features that are being loved and new smartphone champion is the Portrait Mode. Well, this feature can produce a bokeh effect to dramatize the image as if it has a more in-depth focus. Bokeh effect is usually found on DSLR cameras, and now is brought by dual camera smartphone. Well, if you […]

Paid Apps Will Be Removed from BlackBerry World, What Reasons?

Again BlackBerry Limited made a surprising move regarding its app services. After much unfortunate by releasing BlackBerry Messenger for multi-platform a few years ago, now turn to the application developers who will soon be kicked out of BlackBerry World. Through a notification emailed, it confirms it will “forcibly” remove the paid software from BlackBerry World […]

Now, Opera Got Thousands of E-Books for Young Indonesian Children

Currently, 265.4 million Indonesians can read books wherever and whenever via their mobile phones thanks to the Worldreader Mobile Web (WRM-Web) application that is easily accessible via Opera Wednesday, (2/21) in Jakarta, Opera Mini and Opera browser, has added a gigantic library feature, Worldreader as a bookmark in the Opera Mini app. Anyone with an […]

Twitter Stop Support For Mac

Twitter recently announced that it plans to stop its support in for Mac users. This is done to focus more on developing a good and consistent Twitter user experience across all platforms. Along with that, so starting today, the Twitter for Mac app is no longer available for download, and within the next 30 days, […]

Facebook Messenger Kids Official Landing on Android

The Messenger app on Facebook is undeniable today has a massive amount of users around the world. So very reasonable if Facebook continuously make modifications and various additions to features and services on Facebook Messenger. As the latest news that says that Facebook has now launched Facebook Messenger Kids for Android OS-based devices. Sesuasi with […]

Facebook to Launch 2 Smart Speakers This Year

Following Google and Amazon, Facebook is rumored to be involved in the business of intelligent speakers. As revealed by the DigiTimes page citing industry sources, Facebook is said to be formally entering the global smart speaker market in the middle of this year. Mentioned, the social networking giant will launch two new intelligent speaker models […]