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Watch out! Chat and Personal Information in WhatsApp Group Can Be Peeped Hacker

For you users of instant messaging applications seem to be more careful. The reason, recently researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany again found a security loophole in instant messaging applications, including WhatsApp, Signal, and Threema. The researchers found that one can sneak in secret into a chat group in an instant messaging app, even though […]

Sophisticated! Chat Use Google Duo Unnecessary Install Apps

Recently Google has scrolled updates to the contact list view in its flagship video call app called Google Duo. Interestingly, you can now contact your friends using this app even if the phone the other person is using has not installed Google Duo. Then how could this possibly happen? In 2016, Google launched a new […]

Skype Got New Encryption Features

The video chat and messaging app, Skype, adds a new feature of end-to-end encryption. This Microsoft app is rumored to have partnered with Signal to enable its new functionality, which is optional and not default for any private chat performed by the user. Thus, Skype implementation seems similar to the use of Facebook Messenger, which […]

Sad! Start of February Later, Pokemon Go Can not Go on iPhone Older

If you are one of the lovers of Pokémon Go, it seems like you should be prepared to be disappointed when you hear this news. The reason is that Niantic recently announced via its official website that the Pokémon Go developers will no longer support the legacy iPhone that can not be updated to iOS […]

Not Two Years, Google Assistant Already Exceeded More Than 1500 IoT Devices

Since Google introduced Google Assistant for the first time in May 2016, the company has certainly put great hopes to apply it to many devices. Unlike Google Now which is only one-way, Google Assistant allows users to engage themselves in a two-way conversation. That’s when Google Home was introduced, only a handful of smart home […]

Cortana No Longer Can recognize Songs

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant app has many features and one of them is song recognizer. You can use Microsoft’s digital assistant to listen to a song and tell you where it came from. But now it can no longer be used. Because Microsoft has released this feature. This is due to Microsoft’s decision to shut […]

Even 11 Years, Spotify Now Has 70 Million Premium Users

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services in the world, on Thursday (01/05) announcing its proud achievement. Through cuitan on Twitter, the world’s largest music streaming service now claims to have 70 million premium subscribers. Over the past six months, Spotify’s customer base has increased by 10 million premium subscribers. Angknya continues […]

Opera Launches Anti-Bitcoin Mining Browser

Right on Thursday (01/04), Opera via its official blog page revealed that they have launched the latest version of the browser that is claimed to be able to prevent bitcoin mining operations. Opera 50 browser will now also be equipped with additional support VR360 for Oculus, Chromecast and a number of other cool features. As […]

Samsung Music Updated, What’s Changing?

Good news for you smartphone users Galaxy S8, S8 +, Samsung finally launched a new update for Samsung Music which is an innate music player application for the third device the vendor claimed. Through the updated version which is present in the 26MB size, Samsung Music will now also support Android Oreo. Not only […]

Play This Game Can Get Money

The popular mobile game HQ Trivia finally debuted on the Android platform after previously in the beta test period. While games appear as “not yet released” on the Google Play Store, it seems that everyone can download and play them. It’s easy for HQ Trivia to get famous soon after it’s released on iOS because […]

Chromebook Will Be Running Android Applications Multitasking, Here’s How

Support for running Android apps on laptops with a Google-made operating system called Chromebook has actually been around long enough. The operating system with the name Chrome OS built on this Linux base has in recent times allowed all Android applications to run. However, from the Chromebook model on the market, only about half have […]

WhatsApp on BlackBerry and Windows Phone Expires As of December 31, 2017?

Bad news for those of you still using BlackBerry smartphones or Windows Phone OS-based smartphones with older versions, it’s time to upgrade your smartphone operating system to a newer version or switch to a smartphone running Android or iOS OS with the latest version. The reason, WhatsApp on Monday (12/25) announced that they will soon […]


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