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iBoxing Week Officially Held, Showcase Various Apple Products

Erajaya Group through its subsidiary PT Data Citra Mandiri on Monday (01/15) opened the week of Apple products exhibition titled iBoxing Week. As the name implies, the event held by iBox will start from 15 to 21 January 2018. In the event will be exhibited a variety of activities ranging from feature demos, exhibitions to […]

AnyMind Group Enter Human Resource Industry With TalentMind

AnyMind Group, a technology company that develops artificial intelligence (AI or artificial intelligence) solutions across industries, announces the launch of TalentMind, a new business unit that is an AI-based recruitment optimization platform that streamlines and enhances the recruitment process. Human resource professionals can take advantage of natural language processing (NLP), profile analysis and machine learning […]

Change Policy, LG Delays Release Schedule LG G7?

Through a press conference held at CES 2018 ago, the CEO and vice president of LG confirmed that his company will not announce the smartphone just because another manufacturer has released a new phone. This statement also marks the policy changes taking place at the South Korean company. All the flagship mobile phone vendors claim […]

Wow, Huawei Interested in Working on Smartwatch with Sophisticated Features Like This …

Huawei is one of many companies that also work on wearable device market. With regard to wearable devices, it was recently rumored that Huawei has plans to work on smartwatch with a revolutionary bezel design, which is very thin (ultra-thin), and presents a variety of enhancements to the features and menus in it. Huawei has […]

It’s Lazada’s Solution to Increase Brand Partner Sales

The digital platform is now one of the preferred retail channels to increase sales revenue as it can offer ease of access and flexibility for consumers. Although the percentage of online retail only reached 2.4% of the total retail market, but its potential is very promising, which in 2017 recorded an increase of 1.5 times […]

Strengthen the iOS Ecosystem, Apple Acquisition of the Company

Apple is rumored to acquire a Canadian based startup company, named buddybuild. The company has been known to develop a mobile iteration platform that focuses on developing integration and debugging tools for developers who populate content on iOS. This acquisition is expected to increase Apple’s efforts to strengthen its application ecosystem and iOS developer community. […]

This Proof Asus Seriously Shoot the Gaming Market

Quite famous as pembesut notebooks and smartphones, it turns out Asus has considerable interest in the game industry. It was proved by his commitment to build a game company in China. The board of directors at Asus has approved plans to invest a maximum of 16 million USD to establish Asus subsidiaries in China focusing […]

This Year Apple is Predicted to Be the First Trillion Dollar Company in the World

Apple is predicted to be the most successful company on the planet. Analysts argue that Apple has a good chance to become the first trillion dollar company in the world this year. Analysts have long predicted technology companies will pass this milestone. Big companies like Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook, their stocks rose sharply in […]

Baidu and BlackBerry Work together to Make Autonomous Cars

Chinese Internet giant Baidu and BlackBerry have established partnerships to work on autonomous car technology. Baidu was previously very active in the automotive industry and has worked with other large companies in the field of autonomous cars. Call it Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, and others. With this partnership, BlackBerry QNX software will be used as a […]

Smartfren Supports Digital-Based Education

Closing in 2017, PT. Smartfren Telecom, Tbk in collaboration with Eka Tjipta Foundation handed over donations in computer and textbooks to primary and junior secondary schools in Kalimantan, under the Eka Tjipta Foundation. “This donation activity is a real action from Smartfren and Eka Tjipta Foundation to take part in advancing education especially in Kalimantan. […]

2018, HTC Determined to Restore Its Headlines in Smartphone Businesses

The tight competition of smartphone business, generally encourage vendors to release their products in many variants and series. One goal is to capture as many number of users from different segments. But a different step done by HTC who reportedly they are limiting the number of new generation smartphone launch in 2018. Then what is […]

Screen 18: 9 Will Break Through 230 Million Units in 2017

The year 2017 is arguably the brightest year for sailing smartphone 18: 9. Starting from LG that introduced the G6 flagship device, in fact now the use of the screen with the aspect ratio that looks more elongated to be an trend disemarakan with various models from several famous brands. This trend is certain to […]


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