This is the Primary feature of Android P that you must know

Google is preparing the latest version of Android with the initials ‘P’. Although not yet officially announced, but the preview version for developers has been released not this loama. From there it is known that Android P has some prominent features. Here are some excellent features that we launched from AndroidAuthority. 1. Supports notch design […]

It Lists The 10 Most Wasteful Applications of Battery and Data Quota

The company’s security solutions provider, Avast, released the 2017 Q3 Android App Performance and Trend Report report to share insights based on observations of its three million users on Android devices. In the report revealed which applications are wasteful of system resources, both active and while running in the background. By knowing this, users can […]

This Application Helps Write The Right English Sentences

Grammarly vritual typewriter has been launched for iOS users in the last month and now turn the android user. Grammarly virtual keyboard is now available for free and can be downloaded through Google Play. Grammarly is an online service that helps you check your grammar and then fix any errors you might find. Grammarly then […]

Facebook Can Prevent Former Spread Photo Nude, How To?

It can not be denied again, the smartphone has become a very important need for modern society as it is today. Most people take advantage of existing camera technology on a smartphone to capture every important moment. But not a few also upload photos that are not profanity to social media. Even many nude photos […]

Enjoy Video on Mobile Phone Up To Stream on Cloud

Many video player apps are available for free on Google Play, but the most interesting is to use GOM Player. Actually this application has been available for PC and mobile phone. but for the latest version, this app provides many unique feature additions. Lots of advantages of this application. Starting from supporting non-encoded video playback, […]

Update Google Photo Make Video Sharing So Faster, Here’s How it works

Google Photo has finally got an update that lets users share videos faster and is very beneficial for users living in areas with poor network coverage. How it works is Google Photos will first back up videos in low preview quality. Sure, smaller file sizes will allow faster upload time. Once the user is in […]

Update Office for Android Bring in a New Series of Features, Anything?

If you’re an active Microsoft office-based application from a mobile device, it’s likely that you’ll soon receive new features and fixes for Office for Android. The three popular Office applications from Microsoft (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) in the near future will receive updates with a series of new features intended to improve the security and […]

Google’s Efforts to Make Android Safe

Google has a new way to let users know that the Android device they’re buying is safe from malware. Through a blog post in India, Google introduced the Google Play Protect logo and the Certified Android Devices label. Label and logo it is a company’s effort to show the security of the device. Android OS […]

Google Maps Now Features Picture in Picture, Like What?

One of the most anticipated features on Android 8.0 is Picture-in-Picture. This feature allows the user to open the video in a “floating window” when the user is opening another application. Through the Google Map updates presented in version 9.60, users can now view maps in separate PiP windows while in navigation mode. A previous […]

Indosat Ooredoo Launches Hajj Practical Guide Application

To support the information needs of Hajj for its loyal customers, Indosat Ooredoo launches iMabrur application. This mobile app contains a practical guide on hajj and umrah, which makes it easy for worshipers to worship before and during the journey in the holy land. “IMabrur since its inception, was created to help the pilgrims and […]

Fun! Will Apply WhatsApp App for Business

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world where it now has more than one billion daily users. Especially for users on the Windows platform, WhatsApp will spread the beta app update. WhatsApp has updated its beta app for Windows Phone to version 2.17.234. Although this is not a big update and […]

Microsoft Create Application For the Blind, Like What?

Microsoft has released another exclusive application for iPhone users, this time using artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks to tell the world to the blind. Called Seeing AI, the app, which is only available in the United States at this time, requires visually impaired users to point the camera phone to objects or people around […]