Nokia 3310 4G Will Run YunOS

Upon returning to the mobile phone business under HMD Global, Nokia is not just issuing smartphone type devices, the company is also still trying their luck in the feature phone segment. Speaking of feature phones Nokia is now re-emerging candidate for the company’s new device on the TENAA certification site. The device is Nokia 3310 […]

Make a Legacy iPhone Slot, Apple Finally Apologize and Give a Battery Replacement Discount

After Apple was caught choking the performance of certain model iPhone CPUs to extend battery life, the company finally issued a letter of inquiry entitled “Message to Our Customers on Battery and iPhone Performance.” As reported by Phonearena, Apple admits that its customers may feel that (has) been disappointed. In response to some user downloads […]

Smartfren Supports Digital-Based Education

Closing in 2017, PT. Smartfren Telecom, Tbk in collaboration with Eka Tjipta Foundation handed over donations in computer and textbooks to primary and junior secondary schools in Kalimantan, under the Eka Tjipta Foundation. “This donation activity is a real action from Smartfren and Eka Tjipta Foundation to take part in advancing education especially in Kalimantan. […]

LG and Samsung Confirm Never Make Their Older Phone Slow

Two South Korean technology giants Samsung and LG have just confirmed that they are not slowing down the phone despite the old battery, which seems to make sure that what they do to their old phones is not what Apple does by admitting it to some series iPhone with an aging battery to prevent it […]

Watch out! Do not Put Gas Lighter Near Mobile Phone, Here’s The Result

Until now, there is no prohibition to put the phone side by side with a gas lighter. But, advice not to use the phone at the gas station is often found. A mobile user uploads his experience in the Android Community Facebook account of Indonesia by including a burnt gas lighter image he puts it […]

2018, HTC Determined to Restore Its Headlines in Smartphone Businesses

The tight competition of smartphone business, generally encourage vendors to release their products in many variants and series. One goal is to capture as many number of users from different segments. But a different step done by HTC who reportedly they are limiting the number of new generation smartphone launch in 2018. Then what is […]

Review the Multiple Selfie Camera Smartphone Features

Competition smartphone market in the 3 million-an increasingly crowded with the increasing market demand in that segment. Consumers who had just bought a smartphone with a maximum price of 2 million-an is now starting to switch to a smartphone device with a price of 3 million-an. Uniquely, the price class 3 million-an already widely available […]

Gionee S11, Bring Full Screen and Four Cameras

Gionee, a brand of smartphone from China that recently declared itself into the market of the country is known to have a new smartphone interesting nan. Is Gionee S11, this smartphone will come with four camera features. Reportedly, Gionee S11 will be launched in India in January, although true this smartphone has been launched in […]

Huawei PSmart, International Version of Enjoy 7S Unveiled

Exactly a week ago, Huawei launched the Enjoy 7S smartphone in his native land. At that time, no one knows that Huawei will prepare a new name of the smartphone when marketing it outside the territory of China. Through cuitan first circulated via Twitter account @evleaks, looks two smartphones with black and white. Not only […]

Circulated List of Smartphones to Use Snapdragon 845

Snapdragn 845 is the latest SoC made by Qualcomm which was introduced not long ago. However, devices that will use it will be present in 2018. Well, if you include a curious device that will use this chipset can peek leaks posted to Weibo. In the leak was revealed starting the first device that carries […]

IPhone X, Apple Still Hanging from Samsung

Since Apple unveiled the iPhone X in September 2017, one feature that is highlighted is the OLED screen it wears. As a result, Apple at that time entrust the supply of OLED display components on Samsung and LG Display. But until now, Apple still rely on supply of OLED screen from Samsung, because LG Display […]

Rely on 4G Connection, Nokia 3310 (2018) Released Immediately

HMD Global first launched the Nokia 3310 3G version in early October 2017 to accommodate countries that no longer have 2G networks in its territory. The 3G version of the phone is available in the United States and supports more countries around the world. To further expand its marketing area, HMD Global is now also […]