Google Patented Modular Dual-Screen Laptop Design, Like What?

Google is rumored to have filed a new patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the design of a dual-screen laptop convertible device that has a very unique, unusual design with a screen that can be divided into two equal parts. According to the leaked patent document, the device appears […]

Extraordinary! Samsung Battery is fully charged in 12 minutes

One of the most important parameters of a smart device is the capacity of the battery to ensure adequate activity during use of the device, especially when opening many applications and menus that do require considerable power. Not infrequently, global smartphone vendors are arming their flagship smartphone with jumbo power capacity and battery charging features […]

Uproar! ‘Mr Android’ Is It Out of Google Due to Sexual Abuse?

Surprising news comes from the figure of Andy Rubin who is the creator of the Android operating system, and CEO Essential Phone is rumored to have actually left Google, related to cases of sexual harassment. An internal investigation from Google HRD related to this problem finally forced Andy Rubin to leave the company that raised […]

Panasonic Eluga C Official Swings with 4GB RAM, Its price?

Panasonic today (11/30) introduced the latest generation smartphone nicknamed Eluga C. Created as a middle-class smartphone, this phone is equipped with a variety of unique features. One is a three-sided side panel design similar to the Aquos Sharp and Xiaomi Mi Mix phones. Panasonic Eluga C is equipped with a screen measuring 5.5 inches with […]

More Prepared, This Leaks Bezel-Less Smartphone Specs Sony H8541

One by one smartphone vendors began working on smartphones with thin bezels. Sony, for example, a Japanese company is rumored to have plans to work on smartphone bezel-less is ready to be introduced in early 2018. This information originated from leaked specifications of the next generation smartphone Sony which has the model number “H8541”. Through […]

Working on New Smartphone, ZTE Stop Producing Axon 7

Get ready to say goodbye to one of ZTE’s flagship smartphones, the ZTE Axon 7. Because ZTE has decided to discontinue production of ZTE Axon 7. Smartphones introduced by ZTE in early June 2016 and officially released in early 2017 are confirmed to be finished history. Some customers looking for the ZTE Axon unit are […]

Samsung Starts Working on New Chipset, Here’s The Pros

Samsung is rumored to have started mass production of chips built on a second generation 10nm process. This technology is actually a refinement of the current 10nm chip. This second generation will reportedly offer 10% higher performance and 15% more efficient power usage. This new generation processor will be ready for mass production in early […]

Xiaomi Desh Ka Soon Glide in India

A few days ago Xiaomi was known to have sent invitations to the media for the launch of her new smartphone called ‘Xiaomi Desh Ka’. The launch event itself is scheduled for today (11/30) in India. About Xiaomi Desh Ka this smartphone is not a new product. This released smartphone is actually Xiaomi Redmi 5A […]

Limited Sale, It’s Price Samsung Galaxy S8 + SMARTgirl Limited Edition

Not long ago released a new color variant for the Galaxy S8, Samsung is rumored to have launched the Galaxy S8 + SMARTgirl Limited Edition. Galaxy S8 + Smart girl LIMITED EDITE is basically complement the portfolio of Rose Pink variant with exclusive casing with beautiful and luxurious Swarovski crystals. The phone, dubbed Samsung Galaxy […]

HMD Global Specifies the Launch Date of Nokia 9, When?

HMD Global is expected to close in 2017 by launching Nokia 9 and Nokia 7 for the global market. Unlike the previous Nokia 7 released in China, Nokia 9 is a device that claimed vendors will reportedly come with full screen and a row of other excellent features that put it in the ranks of […]

Peep Luna G8, Quad Lens Smartphone With Full View

Luna yesterday (11/29) invited some journalists to see early Luna G8 which is planned to be present on 15 December. As is known, the year 2017 can be regarded as a dual camera year. The use of dual cameras on a mobile phone can be the answer to overcome the limitations of the phone with […]

Xiaomi Redmi 5, Will Bring Screen 18: 9 and It’s Price Range

If currently Xiaomi only has Mi Mix 2 as a sailing smartphone 18: 9 besutannya, the future of vendors from China will have another device that comes with a similar screen concept. Is Redmi 5, smartphone Xiaomi next staying will come carry screen with aspect ratio 18: 9. Interestingly, the figure and leaked from Redmi […]