IPhone factory laid off thousands of employees

Foxconn, which is an Apple device assembly company, has reportedly cut around 50,000 contract workers from its company since October 2018. This number is very large and "unusual" compared to previous years.

According to information from unnamed sources, the contract workers came from a factory in Zhengzhou, in Henan Province, China, which was responsible for most of the iPhone production. It may be that the reduction in employees was affected by the decline in iPhone production.

Quoted from GSMArena, usually contract workers at Foxconn will be extended every month from August to January. However. unusual is Foxconn has laid off many of these contract workers before the end of the year.

Whereas Pegatron, which is the second largest Apple assembly company, also secretly laid off many of its workers earlier. The total workforce of 200,000 people during the peak production season has now reduced tens of thousands of people every month to only 100,000 people today. This amount is also needed to maintain regular production.

This reduction in employees can also be done because Foxconn's factory in India is ready to produce the most expensive iPhone in 2019. Usually iPhone factories in India only produce low end iPhone series. As quoted by Reuters, iPhone factories in India can at least open employment opportunities to 25 thousand workers.

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