Google+ Will Immediately Step Out of Social Media

There will be one more Google service that will be deactivated in the near future. After failing to compete with other social networks, such as Facebook, Google officially announced Google+ will be closed in April 2019.

Related to the closure plan, Google also told all Google+ users to immediately back up their data as soon as possible.

This Google+ closure was carried out by the internet giant in stages. On April 2, 2019, Google will close the Google+ account and any pages that users make. Google will also delete any photos or videos from user accounts. Fortunately, Google has prepared a kind of tools to download user data.

Starting February 4, Google+ users can no longer create profiles, pages, communities, or new social networking events. Well, on February 4, Google will end support for using Google+.

All other sites that still use including the comment column from Google+ will have their functions turned off no later than March 7, 2019. On April 2, all comments on Google+ will be completely deleted.

If users manage the Google+ community, Google has warned to download and save some data from the service and additional data will be available for download in March.

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