This Safe Flash Drive, Equipped with Fingerprint Scanner

Flash drives are often called flash disk small gadgets that are useful because they are small, simple and can hold lots of files or data. But this device is also easily stolen or just disappeared. In fact, you might worry that the contents of the flash drive are very important and prone to abuse.

But, now there is a drive flag that has a pretty good security. Lexar recently released the JumpDrive Fingerprint F35 USB 3.0 flash drive. As the name implies, this is a flash drive that only has a fingerprint sensor, which can protect files using biometric security.

According to Joel Boquiren, Global Marketing Director, as quoted from Ubergizmo, "F35 combines reliable and secure data storage with biometric technology to prevent unauthorized access to your files - adding an additional layer of security to your drive using fingerprint authentication. This is ideal for business professionals and photographers who need high privacy protection to meet their needs. "

The F35 will also feature 256-bit AES encryption compatible with Windows and Mac computers. There will also be various sizes, ranging from 32GB that will be priced at US $ 33, 64GB for 50 US dollars, 128GB for 90 US dollars, and a 256GB model for 170 US dollars.

Source: 9to5mac via Ubergizmo

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