Google Claims Artificial AI Can Detect 99% Accurate Breast Cancer Symptoms

One of the keys to beating certain diseases is early detection. This is to determine the treatment of starting early and also preventing the spread of the disease or getting worse. Cancer is one example where early detection can lead to better survival and thanks to science and technology, early detection can be done.

Well, the technology giant Google is collaborating with researchers at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the spread of breast cancer. In fact, the accuracy rate is claimed to reach 99%.

The AI ​​that was developed is based on Inception-v3, which is an open source image recognition of deeper learning models. The researchers tested their AI against data containing 399 images from all slides containing parts of lymph nodes belonging to the Radboud University Medical Center and Utrecht Medical University Center, and the results, they claimed to have achieved 99.3% accuracy.

It is not perfect and will sometimes misidentify certain things, but it is better than the pathologist who practices and is tasked with evaluating the same slides. The news about the role of AI for use in medicine is not the first time. Previously researchers developed AI that could detect skin cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

However, AI will can't be able to replace a doctor in the near future, but its ability to find things faster will no doubt be very helpful.

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