Fun, Google Pixel Cameras Will Support External Microphones

Google Pixel phones have good quality photos and videos. Not because of the lens he has, also because of the camera application on the Google Pixel device. Well, going forward, the video recorded by this device will be even better. This is because the camera application on Google Pixel will support external speakers. That is, users are free to use other branded speakers

This step according to AndroidPolice, was proposed by Google Pixel users through the 2016 online forum. Now, Google promises this support after updating its official camera application, which will coincide with the presence of Pixel 3 on October 18, 2018.

"At the same time the Pixel 3 launch (October 18), we will introduce support for Android compatible external microphones on the default camera applications for all Pixels," said member of the Google Pixel camera engineering team, as quoted from AndroidPolice.

External mic support will be available via USB Type-C port on Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL (you might need a dongle for that), while the original Pixel range has access to the 3.5mm Headphone jack.

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