Will the Premier League Use VAR?

In the world of football, a number of controversial decisions issued by the Court on a green field often disrupt the course of the competition and raise questions about sportsmanship. Some technologies were then created to reduce these very human errors, including goal-line technology (Goal-Line Technology) and the last is Virtual Assistant Referee or VAR. Both were challenged, both by fans, observers to a number of FIFA Football Federation Member States.

Then in our memory there are still fresh interesting events in the 2018 World Cup which took place June-July yesterday. Although not the first competition to implement VAR technology, all fans around the world can see how this technology works. There is a positive response and of course negative. Even not infrequently which made it a phenomenal joke during the holding of the prestigious event.

Later, the Premier League which was touted as the best football league in the world has been testing Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Precisely in a number of FA Cup matches beginning in 2018 and then to the League Cup Final. As in the case of the 2018 World Cup, a number of negative responses and criticisms were reaped. Until the peak a number of clubs participating in the Premier League compact refused to use this technology in the 2018-2019 Premier League season.

The organizer's plan to implement VAR in the Premier League is arguably late. Previously Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain) and Bundesliga (Germany) had already used it last season.

Despite being rejected by Premier League participants, Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore explained that the technology will be applied in the Premier League sooner or later.

"The use of VAR is unavoidable, we will be very left behind if we don't use the technology," said Scudamore.

Most of the Premier League participants refused because of the reason for their time effectiveness in using VAR. Meanwhile, from the referee, Mark Clatternburg commented that all of this could be overcome by increasing the quality of the referee.

"The Premier League needs qualified referees in the field and off the field to control VARs. With that they will get more valuable experience," he said.

Last season, there was a "wrong decision" in the administration of the Premier League. A number of cases, such as goal decisions and hand ball violations in the penalty box had occurred without being detected.

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