Here's the Look of the iPhone XS Gold Color Variant

Intermittent less than two weeks before an exclusive event that will be held by Apple to introduce its latest hardware line on September 12, 2018, a new, somewhat surprising leak has emerged. Which reveals the next generation premium devices that will be introduced by Apple, which will be called the iPhone XS and XS Plus.

Based on the leak because of the information and images, it is known that two of Apple's latest generation iPhone will carry the "XS" brand. In connection with other details, most of them have not been certified. However, it can be confirmed that the two next generation premium Apple devices will indeed use the name "iPhone XS", with a larger model that will be added a "Plus" brand. As for the screen size of each of them is 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches ( iPhone XS Plus series).

Starting with a leaked image, the device appears to be a bezel. Actually this kind of design has debuted on the iPhone X which was released last year. In addition, it was mentioned in the leak that the XS iPhone will be built by a stainless steel frame.

It looks like Apple will introduce a new gold color with this year's lineup which might resemble the golden color concept that leaked earlier this year through the FCC document.

Along with the launch of the XS iPhone and iPhone XS Plus, Apple is also predicted to introduce an economical iPhone model with an LCD screen and will adopt a bezel-less design. In addition, Apple will also introduce the Watch Series 4 and the latest generation iPad Pro which are expected to debut at the event.

Source: 9to5Mac via Phonearena

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