Given the expensive price, it turns out that Apple's capital makes the Iphone XS Max only this

The price of the latest iPhone is sold more expensive than last year's products. In Indonesia, recently there was a non-official price for the iPhone XR with Rp21 million. Then what about the higher variants of the iPhone like the XS iPhone and the XS Max iPhone?

So expensive, the price of the XS Max iPhone has also been compared to the price of used cars. As in an article uploaded by GSMArena. Although we believe that most iPhone XS Max buyers mostly already have cars. Now, what's curious is, how much is Apple's capital to make the iPhone worth more than IDR 20 million?

As always, the Canadian-based patent analysis and technology innovation company Techinsight has an estimate of how much the basic capital for making an iPhone. Well, for the iPhone XS Max the 256 GB variant is estimated to be only 443 US dollars or around IDR 6.5 million or up to 50 US dollars from the estimated capital of the iPhone X 64 GB variant.
The most expensive component is a 6.5-inch screen that reaches 80.5 US dollars. Then the most expensive component is the A12 Bionic chipset and the modem reaches 72 US dollars. Then there is internal memory with 64 US dollars and a casing of 58 US dollars. The camera is also quite expensive at a price of 44 US dollars. Interestingly, this cost is almost the same as the cost shown on the iPhone X last year.

So if the estimate of Apple's capital price is close to the truth, it's no wonder that Apple managed to make the most profit from the smartphone industry as a whole.

Source: TechInsights via Phonearena

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