5 Interesting Applications on This Week

The presence of the latest games and applications on Google Play is an interesting material to follow. In addition to knowing what the latest games are worth playing, the latest applications make you able to optimize the capabilities of smartphones that seem to increase. What applications can be called interesting this week, including the following.

Teen Titans GO Figure

Price: $ 3.99 (with in-app purchases)

Teen Titans GO Figure is the latest mobile application. This game presents interesting features and elements. You will try to get wealth from gemstones and follow a fairly simple game flow. This game contains so many characters or hero characters that reach 90 characters, 3 versus 3 battles, and a series of abilities and skills that must be done. This includes story modes, special battles and much more. Games that are not too complicated but challenging to solve. Priced at $ 3.99 and additional purchases reaching $ 9.99 make it not like a game in general. However RPG games with many sequels are worth a try.

DC Universe

Price: Free trial /$7.99 per month /$74.99 per year

DC Universe might be called the best application according to DC lovers. This one application is quite unique. Comes with various content such as TV shows, films, series, communities, animations, encyclopedias, news, communities and even merchandise in one place. That is, you can find all kinds of things related to DC in this one application. Wow ... Surely the prices set are not cheap. To be able to subscribe, you have to spend $ 7.99 per month or $ 74.99 per year. For those DC lovers the price is still considered reasonable considering what is obtained. In addition to the contents of an easy-to-understand menu, this application also provides an interesting view to see. Fortunately the trial version is still available if you are just curious about what it is like.

Booster Raiders (beta)

Price: Freemium

Booster Raiders is the newest game made by Halfbrick Studios, also known as developers of Fruit Ninja, Dan the Man, and Jetpack Joyride. This game containing a short race is also classified as a multiplayer game. There are many characters that can be used from the previous Halfbrick game. But only a few environmental choices or modes are provided. The problem is that this game hasn't really been launched (it's still in beta). This also means, you will find bugs before the developer perfects this game.

Rootless Launcher

Price: Free

Rootless Launcher is a pretty interesting application. What is the chapter? Because after it was launched a few weeks ago, it disappeared on Google Play but reappeared this week. This launcher is quite simple and can even be called a minimum launcher. Filled with Google Search features, themes based on default wallpapers, supports icon packs and some standard feature settings. But this application also presents additional features (must be installed separately). That is, this launcher contains a free basic launcher or no charge.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Price: $ 9.99

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a strategy game with many tactics which is made by X-COM. As a result many features of this game resemble games that have been made by X-COM. The movement of the grid style and battle system, 3D graphics and the length of the single player storyline look familiar. There is also a multiplayer online mode with fierce competition. This game also includes so many mystical and amazing weapons and abilities. Looks like this will be the best premium mobile game in the genre. Although the price is not cheap, this game does not include additional purchases or advertisements that can interfere with the game.

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