About Mi Max 3 Pro, Here's Xiaomi's Word

Xiaomi has officially introduced its latest flagship mobile phone, Mi Max 3 on July 19 last. Reportedly, the launch should be accompanied by Mi Max 3 Pro which has been busy discussed by the public.

Instead of being launched simultaneously, it turns out Xiaomi even issued a surprising announcement that the Mi Max 3 Pro is just a rumor.

This was officially conveyed by Zhi Zhiyuan, Head of Product Marketing at Xiaomi who said that his side will never launch Mi Max 3 Pro, and the product never existed. Zhi Zhiyuan announced this through Weibo account to state explicitly that there is no 'Pro' variant of Mi Max 3.

Quite surprising, given some time ago, Xiaomi reportedly is preparing for the launch of Mi Max 3 Pro, which this phone will run Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710. In fact, the existence of Mi Max 3 Pro strengthened from several leaked certification documents that emphasize the preparation of its appearance to the public.

It is possible that Xiaomi may have decided not to launch the phone at the last moment, to avoid a 'sales conflict' with the Mi 8 SE which is the only Xiaomi mobile phone powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor. However, it should not be a problem since both phones have different specification standards.

Mi Max 3 if one day is released, will be the first Xiaomi phablet to display full screen. Mobile is reportedly will be equipped with dual camera settings on the back. And various features and specifications typical of middle-class mobile phones.


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