Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera Score Defeat iPhone X and Galaxy S9

A few days ago, precisely on Thursday (5/31/2018) Xiaomi officially launched its latest flagship smartphone that is Xiaomi Mi 8. This smartphone comes with a somewhat similar design iPhone X. And who would have thought that Mi 8 has a performance camera far beyond iPhone X! Can not believe it?

While the Xiaomi Mi 8 has not evenly reached the international market, DxOMark has successfully tested the performance of the Mi 8 camera to show the camera's performance possessed by this smartphone, especially in optics.

Xiaomi Mi 8 has earned an overall score of 99, which is where the score far exceeds the value that DxOMark Image Labs gave to the iPhone X last year. The overall score is owned by the Mi 8, the same as the Galaxy S9 + which placed it in the fourth position in March this year.

As per the DxOMark benchmark test results, Xiaomi Mi 8 scored 105 photo quality from the DxOMark team, while its video recording capability scored 88.

The ranking leader of DxOMark is Huawei P20 Pro who got the overall score of 114 and 98 for the camera perspective score. Second place occupied by HTC U12 + which got respective score of 106 and 95. In third place occupied by Huawei P20 which get score of 107 and 94 respectively. Then in fourth place is occupied by Xiaomi Mi 8 which get score 99 and Samsung Galaxy S9 + who got a score of 104 and 91 respectively. Then in fifth position there are Google Pixel 2 who got the score of 99 and 96 respectively. Then rank to how many iPhone X? It turns out that iPhone X occupies the sixth position that only get the scores of 101 and 89 respectively for the photo quality score and video recording capabilities.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has presented some camera quality improvements in the Mi 8 that match the quality of the Mi Mix 2S camera. The handset is claimed to be able to capture sharp and very detailed images, along with accurate exposure and natural / natural colors.

In terms of low light, DxOMark considers that the Xiaomi Mi 8 is an excellent device for capturing images in low or low light conditions. It is said that Mi 8 has an accurate exposure control and a very nice white wana balance. However, DxOMark's team found a yellow-green effect on some photo shots. Similarly, autofocus problems are sometimes delayed to adjust focus. For still image images, also found some detail images that are missing in some cases when the shooting is in the dimly lit place.

The zoom performance of the Xiaomi Mi 8 is better when compared to the Mi Mix 2S because the new Xiaomi handset has improved the autofocus quality that is smoother than previous hardware.

In the video recording feature, DxOMark's team has found autofocus as the main force of this feature that is claimed to be very fast, accurate, and offers good tracking capabilities while capturing object motion while recorded. The color in the video remains good even if the shooting is done in low light conditions.

In the photography department, Xiaomi Mi 8 is equipped with a dual main camera consisting of a 12 megapixel main sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 12 megapixel secondary camera sensor with f / 2.4 aperture, capable of offering 2x optical zoom. Both sensors support the PDAF dual pixel feature.

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