Looks Cool Latest Wireless Gaming Headset Made Alienware

Devices for gamers seem to be decorating many tech news pages lately. Well the latest is wireless headset device made by Alienware for gamers who just announced before the event E3 2018 with the name Alienware Wireless.

As the name implies, this is a wireless gaming headset so if you do not want to be complicated or often distracted by d cable, then this device is right for you. The only advantage of this headset is that it can display virtual 7.1 surround sound meaning that when playing a game that depends on the position, you should be able to hear the direction from which your enemies are coming from.

Alienware Wireless also has a compatible AlienFX lighting system with over 160 games. There will also be a downloadable theme and according to Alienware, the headset will offer up to 8.5 hours of battery life with AlienFX on, and 15 hours if the feature is not enabled. Another feature is a microphone with noise canceling feature.

For the price, Alienware Wireless Headset is priced at 229 US dollars or equivalent to Rp3.2 million and is expected to be available worldwide on June 11th.

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