Here's the List of Huawei and Honor Smartphones that will Enjoy Turbo GPU Support

Huawei has officially introduced its first Honor gaming smartphone called Honor Play on Wednesday (6/6). Yu Chengdong (CEO of Konumen Business Huawei) officially announced a new technology that is presented in the gaming smartphone, called the Turbo GPU.

Honor Play became the first smartphone equipped with the Turbo GPU. But at the event, Huawei confirmed that it will bring Turbo GPU technology to Huawei and other Honor smartphones, through the latest software updates.

Interestingly, this technology is not only presented for high-end class devices only, but Huawei said that Turbo GPU will also be presented to mid-range and low-end devices.

According to data officially measured by Huawei obtained from Honor Play performance testing, Turbo GPUs can improve graphics processing efficiency by 60% and SoC power consumption by 30%.

Meanwhile, testing the Turbo GPU on the smartphone Honor 9 Youth Edition shows that the frame rate rate when playing the game increased to 77%.

Yu Chengdong said that the advanced graphics processing technology of Turbo GPU has been successfully tested in entry level devices, and enables low-end smartphones to also run a variety of games with complicated and large graphics content, with smotth and smoothly. And clearly, the birth of the Turbo GPU is a new revolution in the world of gaming smartphones while delivering significant improvements from the graphics side to all mobile devices.

According to an official source in Huawei, they will roll out the graphics processing technology of the Turbo GPU through the latest software updates to many Huawei smartphones. Here is a list of Huawei smartphones that will receive the Turbo GPU:

Huawei Mate Series, Huawei P Series, Honor V10, Honor 10, and Honor 9i all support GPU Turbo software update.

In addition, Huawei also rolled out the Turbo GPU update for Honor 9, Honor V9, Honor Play 7X, Honor 9 Youth Edition. And all of them are currently starting beta testing in sequence. Expected OTA updates for this device will be released in August 2018.

The use of Turbo GPU developed by Huawei is not for one type of chip. Some of Huawei Honor's other smartphones that use Kirin 960 and Kirin 659 chipsets will also get support for Turbo GPU technology in the near future.

Source: Gizchina

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