Cancel Released, this figure Dual Screen Smartphone Samsung

Some time ago, came the rumor that says that Samsung plans to launch a folding sail smartphone with flexible OLED display in the next year. However, realizing the finished product is not an easy matter for Samsung. Terlebiih company is known to have worked hard in developing research that takes years over the years to "bridge" the gap between smartphones and tablets.

But of the many rumors that developed in cyberspace, is now circulating some leaks that are very surprising picture of Samsung dual screen smartphone is canceled.

The first image deployed by Twitter account @MMDDJ shows vividly the initial concept of a dual screen smartphone made by South Korean electronics giant.

The photos clearly show the prototype Samsung "Project Valley" from 2015. Unlike other smartphones that generally have flexible screens that can be bent in the middle, this device actually has two separate screens that let you fold the device in half and use it as ordinary smartphone.

The prototype device developed in Project Valley looks more like two smartphones taped by a hinge placed on one side of the smartphone. But somehow, Samsung decided not to release the product by considering this odd form factor.

ZTE is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer apparently took a screen design approach that is almost identical to the smartphone prototype Project Valley when released Axon M smartphone in 2017 ago.

Source: Twitter via Liliputing

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