Xiaomi AI Konjac Official Sale, 14 Foreign Language Translator Machine

Xiaomi announces its newest unique product, which can help you translate up to 14 foreign languages. The product was exhibited by Xiaomi at the 2015 AIN Xinnzhiyuan Technology Summit held in Beijing China at the end of March. The product called Xiaomi AI Konjac Translator is sold through the online retail store Youpin for 299 yuan (Rp 653 thousands).

Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator comes with an aluminum body with a compact design that is coated using a sandblasting process similar to that used on Apple MacBook Pro. The device comes with a simple and rather small dimension, making it no bigger than an MP3 player. The design is sturdy, and sleek with rounded corners. In addition Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator has a very light weight and very easy to carry anywhere.

For operation, there are four physical buttons on the front; two volume control buttons, a button for translation, and another button to listen to your words. Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator is also equipped with a single loudspeaker, microphone, and Type-C USB port for battery charging. This device is also equipped with LED indicator to indicate the status of the remaining battery.

In terms of functionality, Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator supports simultaneous translation of 14 foreign languages ​​and then integrates up to 99% of the Xiao AI sound system function. It also integrates an AI-based translation engine, Microsoft Translation. Besides English and Mandarin, it is not known which foreign language is supported by Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator.

The device is also proficient in more than 47 special features for playing music, featuring weather forecasts, listening to the radio, loading up on the latest news and some other help services.

But clearly, Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator is very helpful for users in learning foreign languages ​​or tourists visiting foreign countries. This device comes with a 900mAh power-capacity battery.

Source: GizmoChina

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