Wow! Baterai Lenovo Z5 Diklaim Bisa Tahan 45 Hari

Lenovo continues to spread the charm for the smartphone that is being prepared, Z5. Yup, after rumored to be adopting aspect ratio of the screen to the body almost 100% and has 4TB of internal space, Lenovo Z5 again said to be powered long battery life.

Is the CEO of Lenovo, Chang Cheng who recently re-revealed about the Z5. It is said that the Z5 battery will be able to power the smartphone up to 45 days in standby state.

Unfortunately, in addition to revealing its ability, no other information related to how much battery capacity will be used this smartphone.

The ability of a battery that can hold up to 45 days in a state of standby, certainly can not be realized only by increasing the capacity of the battery only. So, there may be a number of upgrades from the software side or maybe also with machine learning technology.

Before the official release, anything related to Lenovo Z5 is certainly still speculation. For more details, we'll see when the smartphone is launched later.

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