With Shiseido, OPPO Prepare Special Edition F7 Color White?

In addition to black and red, OPPO also reportedly will release a special edition F7 white. This information is confirmed by the circulation of cooperation between OPPO and Shiseido in e-commerce lazada. In the leak, not a lot of information that plastered. The plan OPPO and Shiseido will officially announce the special edition of this collaboration on May 23, 2018.

Similar F5 Dashing Blue, this special edition F7 will also have a special packaging. From leaked images in circulation, the packaging is seen the accent pattern of diamond pieces and most of the packaging using a white base color. This could indicate that the OPPO will remove the device with a pattern pattern white diamond cut. Indeed, there is no further information on the details of collaboration products OPPO and Shiseido this, certainly in the packaging of consumers will get both products both smartphone devices from OPPO and beauty products from Shiseido.

The basis of cooperation made by both brands seems to be seen from the similarity of target consumers. Where, both brands are known very close to the young. OPPO managed to attract young people with the presence of a selfie camera equipped with AI Beauty 2.0 that can produce personal photos because of the 296 point face recognition that can distinguish age, gender, skin color and skin type. While Shiseido managed to give a good impression through its beauty products such as suncare to young people.

If you look at previous collaboration patterns, OPPO does not seem to be releasing this device away from the price of the devices already in circulation. In addition, of course, OPPO will sell this device in a limited time and amount. As in F5 Dashing Blue that sold 100 units in 2 minutes.

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