Use Bangla Screen, Xiaomi Imitate FaceID iPhone X?

Based on the latest leaks, Xiaomi is currently working on a feature similar to Apple's Apple FaceID on the latest hero device that is likely going to be named Mi 7 or maybe just Mi 8. FaceID-like face scanning feature will be embedded on the screen bangs are in part front.

You need to know that Apple's FaceID uses dot projectors and infrared cameras to help the device in scanning the user's face, and authenticates, so users can unlock the iPhone X screen by using faces. A leaked image contained in Weibo, there are allegations that Xiaomi will implement similar hardware to cheat the technology in question. Systematics work at a glance is similar to the FaceID.

Almost all premium smartphones running the Android OS have facial scanning features that rely solely on front camera and Android built-in solution. But in the latest Xiaomi smartphone, this feature is equipped with a distance sensor, ambient light sensor and microphone holes, as well as the design of a narrower bangs.

Initially, Xiaomi reportedly faced problems with the development of features similar to FaceID is to apply to Mi 7 or Mi 8, which causes a delay in the release of the phone. But it is unclear, what technical problems faced by Xiaomi in the development of these features.

Xiaomi Mi 7 or Mi 8 is rumored to be debuting on May 23, while its predecessor the Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched in April 2017.

Source: Weibo via OnPhones via GSMArena

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