Tokopedia Defeat Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

The interest of Indonesians to participate in Tokopedia's first online shopping festival titled 'Extra Ramadan' is very high. To the extent, Tokopedia application managed to top the Apple Store beat up, WhatsApp, and Instagram. While on Android, Tokopedia also managed to become # 3 Top Chart on Google Play beat Facebook and Instagram.

According to Google Analytics data, throughout May 2018, Tokopedia has served more than 65 million Indonesians who visit Tokopedia at least 300 million times this month. The number of visitors is equivalent to 11 times the population of Singapore.

Right at the peak of Ramadan Ekstra event on May 25th, Tokopedia also managed to record transaction value equivalent to the accumulated transaction value during the first five years (August 2009 - June 2014). In the first 10 minutes alone, it beat the number of transactions during the first year of Tokopedia standing (August 2009 `- July 2010).

CEO of Tokopedia Co-founder William Tanuwijaya appreciated this remarkable welcome. "Our mission to encourage the digital distribution of the economy has always been our main motivation in working. We are deeply moved and appreciate the beliefs of the people of Indonesia towards Ramadan Extra. The excitement and enthusiasm of this program provides the valuable lessons and experiences that motivate us in the coming years, Extra Ramadan can deliver a much better service. "

"Seeing the extraordinary greeting from the public, it is not possible Ramadan Extra can be an annual festival such as Black Friday in the United States, Boxing Day in Europe, Single Day in China, or Big Billion Day in India, festivals filled with local wisdom, best to give the best, "lid William.

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