Miner Bitcoin Smartphone, HTC Prime Soon Glide

If you have been wondering what the next big trend will be presented for smartphones? Of course, nowadays every smartphone manufacturer is busy developing the contemporary technology to be immersed in its flagship smartphone. Starting from the folding screen technology, AI, and now appears a new trend of blockchain. Through this blockchain users can then mine digital currency is one of the most popular is none other than Bitcoin.
Some time ago we have seen Sugar S11 Blockchain Creation Edition in January and Sirin Finney earlier this month. HTC finally announced to the public that they are currently working on a smartphone project called "HTC Exodus". This smartphone will be the first blockchain smartphone made by the company.
The Taiwan-based technology company unfortunately did not include an official photo of HTC Exodus being published, just a sketch of the product image that accompanied the announcement. HTC Exodus will feature universal default wallet and hardware enclave defaults to support digitalized currencies and decentralized apps.

HTC plans to create a genuine blockchain network with all units of HTC Exodus smartphone acting as a node to facilitate the trading of the virtual world currency by its owner. In addition, HTC is considering also to accept payment of this type of currency even though the price has not been set.

The originator of this HTC blockchain smartphone is Phil Chen, creator of Vive VR headset. This is the official statement about the cultivation of HTC Exodus:

"Through HTC Exodus, we are very excited to support the protocols that form the basis for various Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more. We want to support the entire blockchain ecosystem, and in the coming months, we will announce many more exciting partnerships together to present to HTC Exodus. "

The focal point of the blockchain smartphone sales is that this smartphone will offer better security and an enhanced user experience by integrating universal wallet storage directly into the device. Through this smartphone users can also trade directly digital currency without additional fees fees.

Source: TheNextWeb via GSMArena

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