Huawei will Close Bootloader Access so Can Not Rooted

One of the reasons for those who like oprad-oprek UI display or just install an unofficial application is to have a device that is easy to rooot. This means that the device must have access to the bootloader. Well, usually some manufacturers allow users to give access to the bootloader. Unfortunately for the device

Huawei will no longer be provided access to the bootloader.

The reason given by Huawei is quite accurate, because usually rooted device will be vulnerable to enter by harmful applications. In addition, many problems caused by ROM flashing.

Huawei is still open the opportunity to unlock bootloader up to 60 days into the future. But all new smartphones under the Huawei and Honor brands released after May 24 will not get bootloader access at all.

Huawei's official statement was quoted as saying PULSA of Phonearena:

"To provide the best user experience and prevent users from experiencing problems that may arise from flash ROMs, including system failures, stuttering, deteriorating battery performance, and the risk of compromised data, Huawei will stop providing the unlock code of bootloader for devices launched after May 25, 2018 For devices launched before the date mentioned above, the termination of application services bootloader code will take effect 60 days after today's announcement.From the future, Huawei remains committed to providing quality services and experience to its for your continued support. "

Source: Huawei melalui XDA via Phonearena

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