Funny! Face Unlock OnePlus 6 Can Be Fooled Using Images

Features face unlock seems to be a new sales of smartphone manufacturers. Various solutions are used so that the smartphone can now recognize the user's face through the face to open access. Well, Apple's face unlock technology may be one that is rather difficult to penetrate. This is because Apple uses a camera designed to scan a user's face with a 3D aspect. The remaining banya only offer solutions through the alogitma.

Well, this OnePlus case may be a record for those who offer face unlock solutions. OnePlus first introduced this feature on the OnePlus 5T product. Indeed, even though OnePlus 5T does not have 3D face mapping, a self-made OnePlus solution developed by a Chinese security company called SenseTime, which has a pretty good facial recognition background.

The face unlock feature in nePlus 6 alone can be thumbs up. Some reviewers claim face recognition in OnePlus 6 works faster. But unfortunately, OnePlus 6's face unlock technology can be duped using images.

A OnePlus 6 user shared his experience via Twitter @rikvduijn. "I print my face to open my OnePlus 6 for lulz ... it worked ¯ \ _ () _ / ¯" so its Twitter content.

He also uploaded a OnePlus 6 video that was unlocked with a piece of paper on his face. In fact, this method seems to work with black and white photos as well.

Source: Twitter @rikvduijn via Phonearena

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