2019, iPhone will be equipped with Triple Camera with 3D Sensor

Debuting on September 22, 2017 and coinciding with the iPhone's 10th anniversary, the popularity of the iPhone X is still considered a revolutionary Apple smartphone and gained popularity by bringing some new features into it. And now, comes the latest leak of the iPhone to be released in 2019, which will also have some new feature support in it.

According to sources from Taiwan, at least one of Apple's smartphones to be released next year will feature three cameras (triple camera) with 3D sensors for Augmented Reality (AR) purposes. Two of the three cameras will be able to "see" objects from different angles, thus creating 3D objects.

Some analysts argue that if it is true that Apple in 2019 will be working on an iPhone with a triple camera feature with 3D sensors, this would certainly be an excellent implementation of camera technology developed by Apple. And it is mentioned that this feature is much nicer than ToF (Times of Flight) which is the time required by the laser needed to bounce on the object around it.

Predictably, that the third camera on iPhone 2019 will have a longer focal length and will introduce 3x optical zoom. You need to know, that features a triple camera with camera quality is very good at this time just seen in Huawei P20 Pro.

According to sources from the source, Apple is likely to get a supply of camera components from Sony, Sharp, LG, and Dali.

Among the component suppliers, it appears that only Dali has the ability to match Apple's demand and undertakes to fulfill orders on time.

Unfortunately, there is no further information related to the name of the iPhone (2019), specifications, and launch schedule of the device.

Source: MacRumors via GSMArena

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