Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse, Cool Mouse With Fingerprint Scanner

If you've found fingerprint scanning features on various smartphone or laptop devices, Xiaomi on March 1, 2018 and then through the initiative Xiaomi Crowdfunded created an accessory that is Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse.

As the name implies, this device is a mouse equipped with a smart fingerprint scanner feature for your index finger. Its biggest feature is a small fingerprint identification sensor in front of the mouse's scroll wheel. Through fingerprint recognition, local files can be easily encrypted and you can log into your internet account.

The mouse was developed by a technology company called Dingju Innovation Company, which is a Lenovo group invested in this product and certified by Microsoft Security.

By fingerprint authentication on the mouse, you can also use fingerprint sensors to enter online banking applications, email, websites, and other types of internet accounts.

In addition, highly sensitive optical sensors mounted on the smart fingerprint mouse provide a 1600dpi multi-surface adaptive system. Left and right buttons can withstand at least 5 million clicks.

Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse is officially available at Xiaomi online store, and sold for USD $ 40 (Rp 532 thousands). Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse is offered in several color variants namely Lead Black, White Titanium, and Silver.

Source: GizChina

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