Xiaomi Ready to Sell 100 Million Smartphone Units in 2018

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Xiaomi over the past few years has gained popularity and proud achievements in the global smartphone business. But the achievement that has been achieved by Xiaomi, does not necessarily make it quickly complacent. As you recall, Xiaomi's revenue continues to creep up by 2017 as the best year in the company's history. Official data released by the vendor revealed that in the past year they have sent more than 90 million units of smartphones. So that in 2018, the company set a higher delivery target on the number of up to 100 million units of smartphones.

Taiwan's local media, the e-Times said at present there are at least four Chinese-based smartphone makers who have formulated a highly aggressive development plan for 2018. Their ambitions are based on enormous self-confidence thanks to the company's dominance over the domestic market. Thus it is not excessive if they then have big expectations to further expand its sales to the global level this year. One of the four Chinese OEMs is none other than Xiaomi.

Especially for Xiaomi, this manufacturer has been very popular outside his homeland like India for example. Red selling Xiaomi Redmi model sold in the country thanks to its cheap price and offer a very good performance. According to an official report issued by the company, Xiaomi Redmi smartphone shipments have exceeded 10 million units per month in the last quarter. Therefore, the company can actually scoop up to 120 - 150 million units in 2018.

But Xiaomi's strong position in China's smartphone market still has to be behind Huawei who still dominates. The other two OEM smartphones, Oppo and Vivo, seem to focus more on developing countries by creating devices that have many trendy features like Full screen Design, AI Support, dual cameras, selfie and others.

Source: PCPop via GizChina

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