Xiaomi Mi7 Will Be The First Android Smartphone With 3D Face Unlock?

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It brings Face ID features to iPhone X, making the face unlock feature a cool new trend, next to the bangs screen.

As for the Android ecosystem, so far there is no exact equation with face unlock system that was popularized by Apple. Of course, this face unlock feature is a feature that is already widely applied in many Android-based devices but not supported by a depth sensing system (3D depth).

Well related to that, a recent news mentions that the latest generation facial recognition feature supported by hardware is being developed by Xiaomi. The device will be launched in Q3 this year. Xiaomi Mi 7 is a smartphone that staying will bring the feature.

Reportedly, Xiaomi Mi 7 will be equipped with 3D sensing technology. According to the report, this technology is still not ready for 'prime time' as a 3D sensing module because Xiaomi still has problems related to its application in hardware and software.

You need to know, 3D face unlock feature so far supported by technology developed by Qualcomm, Himax Technologies, and Truly Opto-electronics. This module only works with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chips. This is another clue that the Xiaomi Mi 7 is most likely the world's first Android smartphone that will come with a 3D face unlock feature. Because Huawei and Samsung both use Qualcomm chips in their flagship, then by launching Xiaomi Mi 7 will automatically become the main competitors of both vendors. Especially with the Xiaomi Mi 7 equipped with cool features ie 3D sensing.

Xiaomi Mi 7 was originally scheduled to launch in Q2 in 2018. But the 3D face sensing feature makes it delayed until Q3 2018. In addition, unlike the iPhone X, the Xiaomi Mi 7 is also said to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner planted under the screen as an alternative user authentication. This was revealed by CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun beberpa time ago. Although Lei Jun does not explicitly reveal the feature.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 7 will likely support wireless charging, and various other connectivity features. But not mentioned whether this smartphone still supports 3.5 mm audio port connection or not.

Currently, Xiaomi is preparing to release its latest smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X in China on 25 April. This handset will be the successor Mi 5X and equipped with dual camera features, and run a middle-class processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.

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