Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Will Be Released In The Near Time?

Sales tablet is not as good as a smartphone. Even. in recent years tablet sales have decreased. The increasing number of smartphones designed with a spacious screen and a very adequate specification, making the smartphone more selected by consumers rather than tablets.

Last year, overall tablet shipments fell 6.5%. The sales of tablets globally only in the range of 163.5 million units.

It seems that this decline will affect all tablet manufacturers in the world evenly, but Apple managed to increase its delivery from 42.6 million to 43.8 million. iPad is still dominating global tablet market share of 27%. According to data provided by IDC, Xiaomi is one of the most affected tablet manufacturers of this global tablet sales decline.

But Xiaomi remains optimistic with the sale of tablets in the domestic market, where the number of tablet users reached up to 405.7 million units. Based on statistics published by Statista claims this number will reach 435.5 million units this year. So, for tablet manufacturers who fail in the world market, can try their luck in China market which is clearly a very strategic market. This is done by Xiaomi, who reportedly is working on a tablet Mi Pad 4.

Some time ago, there was a rumor that Xiaomi stopping for a while the next generation tablet from the line-up Mi Pad. But today, Xiaomi reportedly re-developed the tablet and will soon be launched in the near future.

In October 2017, Xiaomi's official site secretly removes everything associated with Mi Pad 3. The strange move made by Xiaomi is clearly making many Xiaomi fans think that the company has stopped to develop its Mi Pad product line.

More than 6 months have passed and the public think Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is indeed canceled. However today, an industry analyst, Pan Jiutang announced that the next generation Xiaomi Mi Pad is under development by Xiaomi.

This statement is reinforced by Lei Jun (CEO Xiaomi) who recently told the media that Xiaomi is developing next generation Mi Pad. They ask everyone to provide the best advice related to what features and what specifications are expected to be presented at next generation Mi Pad. Unfortunately, that information is the last thing we've heard so far about the latest Mi Pad line-up.

Until now, there is no clue or further information related to the design, features, specifications, price, and launch date of Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.

Source: GizChina

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