Xiaomi Make Smartphone Shine Wipes, Like What?

One of the interesting designs on current smartphones lately is the use of body made of glass on the back and front. Sure, this glass material managed to create a premium and elegant impression on a device. But the use of glass material often gets criticized for being perceived as fragile, breakable, and "leaving" fingerprint smudges on its surface, making it impeccably dirty and dirty. Well, to help take care of your smartphone especially built with glass, Xiaomi finally launched also Xiaomi Screen Cleaning Wipes. As the name implies, this product will help you clean all the stains and dirt that stick to the surface of smartphones and other gadgets.

Xiaomi Screen Cleaning Wipes comes in a packing box containing 15 pieces of cleaning wipes. With a price of 4.9 Yuan, Xiaomi Screen Cleaning Wipes has several functions and can be used to clean computer screens, eyeglasses, smartphone screen, laptop, tablet and PC monitor.

The cleansed surface dries quickly, does not peel or dry. Tissue can be used on both sides. This tissue also has anti-bacterial properties. Each piece of tissue has a length of 12.5 cm and a width of 10 cm and each packed singly in a box containing 15 pieces of tissue.

More importantly, Xiaomi Screen Cleaning Wipes is very efficient and effective in combating bacteriostatic on the surface of the screen. And this tissue has a much softer level of softness than ordinary tissues and each sheet of this tissue is mixed with alcohol and surfactants that can effectively remove dust and fat. Unfortunately this smartphone cleaning wipes currently only available in the country of origin.

Source: Mi via GizmoChina

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