Wow! LG Patent Showcases Foldable Mobile Phone with Two Batteries

Sumber: WIPO via Lets Go Digital via AH
LG Electronics on Thursday (4/5) managed to win a patent that describes a smartphone with a folding design that has two batteries and a pair of 3.5mm headphone jack. The patent design published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in South Korea was originally proposed by LG in late September 2016 and since it was first proposed, LG was not asked to revise its application until WIPO reviewed for up to 18 months.

The LG patent describes two basic smartphone design variants that are somewhat similar to ZTE Axon M. This is based on the fact that in the patent it appears that the patented smartphone design has two display panels connected via hinges.

Unlike the first Android folding phone launched by ZTE, LG's folding smartphone patent is basically a combination of two relatively independent display modules, with both powered by their own batteries and featuring separate audio ports for headphones or other accessories using 3.5 audio ports mm. One of the two screens will be equipped with an optical fingerprint scanner integrated into the panel itself. The same side of the screen will also be equipped with dual camera features.

But it is unclear whether these two batteries are intended to be used simultaneously, although it is considered to be one of the new solutions offered by LG to achieve a balanced approach to power management in folding smartphone devices.

Each of these screens will be able to display two different videos on their screen, allowing two users to be able to plug in their headphones and listen to their favorite content simultaneously. Fun is not it?

Many other functions can then be developed from the patent. Includes the ability to have two screens that each can work independently when the smartphone is folded. When stretched, the smartphone will use one screen as an extension of another coming from a supported app. For example, when the screen displays an email inbox on one screen, the contents of the selected e-mail will appear on the other side of the screen.

There is a prediction that LG will choose a unique design configuration on its screen. One of the two screens has a curved design, while others have a completely flat screen design. Such a design to cover the hinges of the phone when folded out.

One of the two screens can also act as a keyboard in landscape mode when another screen is tilted. The curved screen edge of the patented device will also be able to display notifications of each email, messaging or notification of applications that go into the smartphone.

Source: WIPO via LetsGoDigital via AH

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